Chinatown Pretty

Identity, Print, Environmental, Exhibition
Chinatown Pretty is a love letter to the unique street style of older Chinese adults living (and shopping) in Chinatowns across the US—celebrating the ingenuity, flair and beauty of Chinatown and its longtime residents. Founded in 2014 by photographer Andria Lo and writer Valerie Luu, the duo spend their spare time scouting the hills of Chinatown, stopping and chatting with Chinatown locals as they go about their daily routines. Interviews, conducted with the help of Cantonese-speaking translators, are paired with the portraits online and occasional gallery exhibitions. It was an honor to develop the brand identity and core marketing pieces for this project, which very much felt like a tribute to my own beloved grandmother’s Chinatown layer game.

Photography: Andria Lo
Words: Valerie Luu / @chinatownpretty