Eat Chinatown

Identity, Print, Environmental, Exhibition
Eat Chinatown is equal parts exhibition, community spotlight, and travel guide. In an effort to commemorate the rich history of classic Chinatown diners and bakeries that have been operating for nearly half a century, photographer Andria Lo and writer Valerie Luu, profiled select eateries and their faithful patrons to understand San Francisco Chinatown’s food culture. Featuring personal narratives, present-day and historic photos and ephemera, they were able to capture and celebrate what these establishments mean to the SF community, to three generations of San Franciscans, and to people who simply love Chinese food.

To help create some buzz, I equipped Andria and Val with an identity, bi-lingual promotional posters and fliers, exhibition signage, and a series of collectible postcards. Using a simplified palette – like so many Chinese takeout menus strung to your front door – teasing you with a glimpse into a vibrant palate that only Chinatown can deliver.

Photography: Andria Lo   Words: Valerie Luu