2017 Impact Report

Art Direction, Identity, Print, Web
ICA Fund Good Jobs is an Oakland, CA based non-profit that educates, accelerates, and invests in high-growth local small businesses in order to create accessible good jobs that lead to equitable communities for all. ICA believes that communities thrive when every person has access to a good job – one that provides good pay, good benefits, life ladders, and a strong culture. Over their 20+ history, they have worked with hundreds of companies who have earned hundreds of millions in revenue, created more than 5,000 jobs, and paid over $650 million in wages. The 2017 Impact Report serves as their annual report, telling stories of successful Bay Area entrepreneurs and the impact these individuals have made on local communities over the course of a year, alongside concrete data to back it.

To tell a story of local, working-class success meant to focus on the raw, human spirit behind the work. Workers from select local businesses were photographed candidly while on the job, to paint an intimate portrait of the hustle. Uncoated stock, hand-stitched binding and blind foil deboss, along with the exposed welcome letter kept the format honest while the bright, abstract illustration – made up of all the section colors within – captured the essence of the stories of a growing Oakland.  

On-Site Photography: Tailored Heritage 
Web Development: Joshua Dowden

Annual Report Gold Award, 2020 Graphis Design Annual
Regional Winner, 2018 PRINT Design Award

The digital experience reinforced the layered and dimensional feel of the print publication. With a flyover menu reminiscent of the outer cover flaps, users paginate through content one color section at a time while the painterly backdrop remains fixed to offer some depth upon scrolling.