Incase Designs

Print, Digital, Web, Environmental
A sampling of work during my tenure as Sr. Graphic Designer at Incase Designs. The #_Anywhere campaign was a story about where Incase could take you – both every day and beyond. After years of successfully establishing a clean, well-curated photographic identity, it was the first time Incase left the photo studio and set out for the real world.

Preceding “Anywhere” with an underscore, gave us the flexibility to develop an interchangeable story. We identified a series of lifestyles – locations and actions – that best represented where customers could go. To Express yourself in the ceramics studio (with the Clare Rojas artist  collaboration series); to Escape to an airstream; to Collaborate in a meeting; to Play with 1200s and a record collection; and so forth.

Customers were invited to come along for the ride, encouraged to tag their Incase products out in the wild with #_Anywhere, as their posts fed back into the bespoke microsite for the F/W and SP product line.

Site Development: Neil Tan 
Photography: Dan Monnick